About Cubit Semiconductor Ltd

Cubit Semiconductor Limited (CSL) is a motivated company that was established in 2010, dealing with various semiconductor equipment and spare parts. We primarily focus on selling pre-owned equipment, new OEM, new 2nd sourced parts and repairing or refurbishing parts for Ion implanter, PVD, CVD, CMP, ETCH , Litho and KLA/Opti equipment.

The founder of the company, James ban has over 30+ years experience in management support for the maintenance and repair of ion implanter, Thinfilm, Hi- Vaccum and gas control systems in the semiconducting industry. His well-established career working under world renowned semiconductor industries which have lead him to the establishment of the company CSL.

In CSL, we have a long history of qualified engineers to provide our customers with high quality semiconductors, high tech products and an outstanding service as we see them as our top priority. Additionally, We provide all our customers with cost effective solutions in semiconductor products worldwide. We can ensure you that working with CSL is the best possible choice for finding a partner outside of the OEM.­­­

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