Turnkey Equipment Solution

1. Equipment Refurbishing Service

Refurbishment services (we provide/ your own in-house equipment).
Refurbishment on support support modules (scrubbers, chambers, power supply racks, robots & etc).

2. Sourcing of New/Used equipment/Spare parts - Hard to find parts, Services 

Sourcing of equipment and parts.
Supplying hard to find items like obsolete/rare/small wafer size/customer etc.

3. Decommissions/ Installs/ Re-locations/ Warranty Service

We provide the resources required to complete a certain set of tasks.

4. PM programmes/ Down equipment/ On-site service/ General labour

PM's (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual)
On-site service and support (Providing the resources to resolve down equipment,  or recover from tasks that are taking too long internally)

5. Spare parts (OEM New/Used and 2nd Source New, custom manufactured) 

Surplus parts, known good used parts, refurbished parts & repairs.
Anodization & coating (Chamber refurbishment/liners/slit doors etc)

6. Engineering/ Consulting/ Training 

Services to improve uptime, MTBF, reduce downtime, MMTR and to lower the overall cost of ownership.
Training services on how to operate and maintain the systems